mixed media installation, various size, 2012

언젠가부터, 그래피티를 포함한 드로잉과 페인팅은 나의 시선에서 저편이 되어버렸다.
지하실 한켠에서 먼지를 털어낸 나무판넬위 그래피티는 더이상 그곳에 있을 필요가 없었고, 밖으로 나와 파편이 되어버린 그것엔 전혀 아쉬움이 없었다.

Since when, drawing and painting including graffiti have been disappeared from my sight.
Wood panels I had found in the corner of the basement and dusted off no longer had not needed to be there and I was not sorry about them fragmented outside.



recommunity01금강산전 / Mt. Geumgang Exhibition, 2006 @Gallery Artside
artwork with yoyohouse